Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors

Vinyl sliding patio doors replacement and installation in Mississauga area.

Patio doors can come in all different shapes and sizes. And although many homeowners opt for doors that swing out, the sliding patio door is a fantastic option for those looking to make their entrance way as functional as it is stylish. Below are some of the various advantages of installing a sliding patio door as opposed to conventional door options.

1. Convenient width options- Sliding patio doors are able to offer a wider doorway because of their design. Standard dimensions can range anywhere from 5-feet all the way to 12-feet — offering a more convenient space through which your family can come and go. The number of sliding panels can also be customized depending on the type of look you’re going for, with the option of up to 6 door spaces as opposed to just one.

2. Space-saver- A sliding door is always a space-saver as opposed to those doors that swing outwards. You are able to take more advantage of the space inside and outside the door because sliding panels do not need additional space to swing open. Your patio furniture can be moved closer to the entranceway, or perhaps you have a nice console table that you would like to place behind a sofa near the patio door. Although the space factor may not seem all that important, it is one of the most attractive features of the sliding patio door.

3. The best of both worlds- If you want to let the summer breeze in but keep the bugs out, then the sliding door offers the best of both worlds. Rolling screens can be installed behind the glass panels, so you can leave the doors open while keeping those pesky elements in the backyard where they belong.

4. Environmentally-friendly- Most swing doors are made of wood extracted from a countless amount of trees. Meanwhile, sliding doors are mainly constructed of aluminum, metal and vinyl. These materials are much less taxing on our environment.

5. Great views of the outdoors- Because sliding patio doors offer a wider range of width, you are able to enjoy some expansive views of the outdoors. And unlike solid slab hinge doors, sliding doors are made of transparent glass that let you see everything clearly on the other side. This is great for social events where the host can be inside making preparations, and still be able to see guests enjoying the space outdoors.